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Magnetic door lock is mute door lock?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-13
Magnetic suction door lock is mainly through the power on and off to control the door closed, electrical magnetic, door closed. Electricity, magnetic disappear, the door opened. : mute lock, also known as electronic lock, is a mechanical lock controlled by relay device, has now formed a variety of different structure of the series production, including electric mortise lock ( The anode lock) And the cathode lock ( Electric lock mouth) , magnetic locks, electric control lock, etc. Magnetic suction mute door lock is a kind of relatively good, and more convenient to use, no noise, very suitable for now the life that occupy the home. At present, the main popular solid surface force, three-ring, general and graceful hardware products, can be selected according to specific needs. So magnetic suction door lock is a kind of mute door lock, we need this kind of door lock, you can contact us fuyu hardware.
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