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'Modern lock industry' 2012 advertising publication

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-15
2011-01- 01 Source: modern lock industry website Browse: 554 comments: 0 Core tip: 2012 'modern lock industry' advertising list, including magazines simultaneously published electronic version, can be read online and downloaded version name, layout size, price position advantage, cover 190 × 185 26000 yuan/period, the best expression of strength brand, back cover 190 × 185 18000 yuan/issue, the best expression magazine for strength brands, eyes 50× 3000 415 yuan/period, excellent location, only one exclusive, fair price, cover page × 285 30000 yuan/period, strong, atmospheric, strength symbol, sensational effect, seal 2/first color 210 × 285 15000 yuan/period, gold level, exclusive, not comparable, good effect, sealed three/end color 210 x 285 8000 yuan/period, gold level, exclusive, no comparability, good effect sub-cover 190 × 185 8000 yuan/issue, classified page, only one for each of the three categories, leading the way in front color 210 × 285 5000 yuan/period, the position is high, convenient for inquiry, suitable for excellent manufacturers, color 210 × 285 4000 yuan/period, save money, affordable, suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises front color spread 380 × 265 15000 yuan/issue, special-shaped version, only one cooperative customer product display recommended 1/4 version 5000 yuan/year/6 issue, 1000 yuan/issue, special column, convenient for dealers to refer, it is of great significance to have guidance on consumption 1/2 users. Color 200 × 140 3000 yuan/period, economical and practical, copyright page business card 190 × 64mm 1500 yuan/period/block, only 4 opportunities, user readers must see the location, technical soft text 1000 yuan/article, new products, news, soft text introduction, enterprise interview/special topic 5000 yuan/time, character interview, event marketing, special topic planning, gift reading description publication cycle: print quantity in the middle of a single month: 20000 copies are issued on the basis of printing version, synchronous reading and download of electronic publication websites range of complimentary reading: dynamic distribution nationwide; Complimentary ways: direct mail from the database, exhibition delivery, building materials decoration in major cities and special personnel in the hardware market will be delivered to lock dealers; Gift object: covering all major real estate companies, dealers and agents, decoration engineering companies, design institutes, door and window installation companies, vehicle supporting companies, hardware export trading companies, property companies, provincial hardware industry associations, hotels and hotels above 3 stars, as well as major decision-making and purchasing personnel of various manufacturers, etc. Modern lock industry network · 'Modern lock industry' magazine address: Huilongguan Guanting center, Changping district, Beijing 4- 502 Zip code: 102208 Tel: 010-64451004 Fax: 010- 58948883Q: 370952632 mailbox: bjxdsy @ 163. Com label: modern lock industry is published in electronic version?
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