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'Modern lock industry' will issue 50 commemorative Special issues

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-15
2011-10- 23 Source: modern lock industry website Browse: 727 comment: 0 Core tip: modern lock industry has gone through more than 7 years since it was founded in June 2005, on November 2011, she ushered in her 50th birthday. Since its inception in June 2005, modern lock industry has gone through more than 7 years and ushered in her 50th birthday in November 2011. In the past 7 years, in order to promote the development of China's lockset industry, we have actively built a bridge of information communication, provided the best information channel for customers and users, and provided more display platforms for customers, it provides a large number of in-depth information reports for the lockset industry, faithfully recording and witnessing the development track of China's lockset industry in the past seven years. On the 50th anniversary of modern lock industry, we will publish the 50th commemorative special issue of modern lock industry to thank the users who have always supported us. 'Modern lock industry' 50 commemorative special issue Draft Notes 1. When did your company start to cooperate with modern lock industry network? What do you think of 'modern lock industry? 2. Summarize the ten-year changes of China's lockset industry: pay attention to and witness the development of lockset industry from different perspectives such as market development needs, product changes and changes in technical requirements, and the development of enterprise brand strategy. 3. The 2011 China lock excellent brand recommendation network selection campaign held by Hyundai lock industry network is for the development and brand building of * * lock enterprises. 4. Witness the development of China's lockset industry from the growth of the enterprise. 5. What impressed your company most in the cooperation of Hyundai lock industry network. Enterprises can write on one of these issues. Please provide relevant manuscripts before October 30 to facilitate editing and integration by the editorial department. Editorial Department Tel: 010- 64451004 Contact: Miss Cao, Email: bjxdsy @ 163. Com modern lock industry network 'modern lock industry' editorial department label: modern lock industry magazine 50 commemorative special issue
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