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Modern smart home 21 China is expected to become the largest market in the world

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-25
Have you thought about it? When you return home, as the door lock is opened, the security system in the home will automatically lift the indoor alert, the corridor lights will light up slowly, the air conditioning and fresh air system will start automatically, and your favorite background Symphony will be played gently. At home, you only need a remote control to control all the appliances in your home. Every night, all the curtains will be automatically closed at regular intervals. Before falling asleep, on the panel on the side of the bed, you touch good night' Mode, you can control all the lights and electrical equipment that need to be turned off in the room, and the security system is automatically turned on in the alert state. Just press a button to turn off all the lights and appliances in your home before you go out. . . . . . In the hot summer, you can turn on the air conditioner in the office before you leave work, and you can enjoy the coolness when you return home; In the cold winter, you can enjoy the warmth. Start the rice cooker before going home, and you can eat delicious rice as soon as you get home. If it is not convenient to use the computer, you can control the home appliances by calling home. Turn on your computer to surf the Internet in the office or on a business trip, and the safety equipment and household appliances in your home will immediately appear in front of you. . . . . . All this is only a small part of what the networked smart home control system can do for you. Smart home is also called smart home. When the home intelligent network connects all kinds of home appliances in the home through the home bus technology, it constitutes a powerful and highly intelligent modern smart home system. China's smart home industry emerged in the late 1990s s. World Information (CCWResearch)The research report '2005- The research report on investment opportunities in the field of smart home network in 2006 pointed out that the development of intelligent housing in China has reached 40 billion square meters after nearly 10 years of exploration, it is estimated that another 30 billion square meters will be added by 2020. The number of intelligent residential quarters in the country will reach tens of thousands in the next 10 years. China will become the world's largest intelligent building market in the 21st century. Home intelligent technology originated in the United States, the most representative of which is X-10 technology, through X- 10 communication protocol, each device in the network system can realize resource sharing. Because of its simple wiring, flexible functions and easy expansion
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