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Monkey Smart Lock: the doorman of the household

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-14
A young company LocumiLabs, in Germany with clevermailbag (German)Debut. I hope to internationalize through a new safety equipment specially designed for residents. Monkey will be sold in the third quarter of next year at $119/99, half the price of most smart locks on the market. Of course, this is not entirely a smart lock. Monkey does not need a battery, there is Wi-in the plastic case- Fi chip, connected to home call device through mobile phone. Monkey is installed in the phone box and can use the same functions as other smart locks after installation, but this still depends on the existing technology of the walkie-talkie. According to Locumi designers, this small connection will bring about great changes. Perhaps Monkey's primary and most practical tool is the remote control of home communication devices. According to Locumi, Monkey is compatible with almost all home calling devices--It even includes old-fashioned machines. Both iOS and Android have developed corresponding applications to push notifications to users when a guest rings the doorbell at the gate of an apartment building. Whether the user is at home or not, you can let the guests in through the mobile phone. For many smart lock developers, how to lock and unlock the door when they are not at home is a difficult problem. From Kwikset to Yale, most of them are via Bluetooth or Z- Wave connection, the mobile device needs to be close to the lock to control the lock, and the lock requires a central device for connection (Need to add money to buy). August's upcoming second-generation locks and new SchlageSense HomeKit locks are characterized by remote control through iCloud, but can only be used if the third-generation or next-generation AppleTV is purchased. There should not be many remote control functions-- If the lock can be easily controlled remotely, the safety hazard problem will increase. However, the industry's caution means that few companies can do a good job in remote control intelligent locks, and almost none can do it at a low cost. Monkey may be able to meet the challenge of remote acquisition, because it has a key difference from other products: it will not open the door of your home, it will only open the door of the residence building. Therefore, remote control does not represent a potential safety hazard caused by other locks. Of course, Monkey and mobile phone Wi- Fi communication will be coded and the home network should be encrypted, but Locumi's focus is not to strengthen security, but to simplify use. For example, for smart locks, it is only a regular function, but it is very good to use it at the door of an apartment building: it is an obvious feature to open the window regularly. You can set a time period to allow anyone to enter the door ( Imagine someone visiting the party all night). But Monkey avoided strangers entering, because when you are not at home, you are only allowed to enter the apartment building instead of your home. In this way, the delivery person can easily place the package outside your residence, inside the apartment building, free from the weather. Another convenient feature is that users do not need to enter the door manually. When your equipment approaches the apartment building, the Monkey application records it through the function of the electronic fence. Only a few meters away from the gate, GPS told Monkey to open the door for you. The automatic door opening function is very attractive, especially for those who hate to take out the keys twice when entering the building and home. However, if Monkey's GPS is the same as ours, I doubt the effect of this function. Finally, wait until the product is available to know how the function is. In general, I like the plan of Locumi project: home safety pays more attention to letting people in, not blocking out. This reversal has room for creativity-- I have solved the problems of some residents like me, and I always have to pay the Keys twice when I go home. This is also a liberation for dog owners, because every time someone visits and rings the doorbell, the dog barks wildly. But Monkey also has another problem: Does accurate GPS pose a security threat to the safety of the building? Is there a potential problem with the remote connection of the application? Wi-Is the Fi connection safe enough? Although Locumi assured us that Monkey would not endanger the safety of the residential building, all doubts (Expectation)You have to wait until the product comes out next year to have an answer.
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