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More and more smart electronic locks integrate fingerprints in the handle. Why? -Media reports

by:FUYU lock     2021-08-24
Today's smart lock products are dazzling, and whether it is the initial golden finger code 'one hold' or Fuyu's color breathing lamp fingerprint head, including the new Aqara S2 smart lock just released by Lumi, they all have one common feature: The fingerprint recognition module is integrated on the door handle, and it is integrated in the hinge of the door handle. Fingerprint recognition is integrated in the door handle, and from the actual experience, the 'handle hinge integrated fingerprint recognition' (hereinafter referred to as 'one-step unlocking') will be like the 'slide unlock' of the first generation of iPhone, and become the future smart lock A major trend for manufacturers to follow suit. Why 'one-step unlocking' will become a trend of smart locks in the future? Compared with traditional mechanical door locks, smart locks have a very big advantage: flexibility. This flexibility means that at the beginning of the design, the position of each verification module of the smart lock can be flexibly placed. In contrast, traditional mechanical door locks can only perform the 'verification' step of opening the door with a key in a fixed position. This is why smart locks that are very eye-catching in film and television works can be opened with a push-pull method, because there is a motor in the lock body that can replace the door handle to drive the bolt. Lockable push-pull door opening method. After the author has used the 'one-step unlocking' smart lock, I think that although this verification method restricts the fingers that open the door, it can give users a kind of 'I have not prepared yet.' Fortunately, the illusion that I can open the door without paying attention' makes the steps of this door opening method for the user only 'hold' one step. 'One-step unlocking' will make people 'caught off guard'. However, these two points do not make 'one-step unlocking' a trend of smart lock opening in the future, and two more important points...Secondly, this 'one-step unlocking' smart lock learning cost Very low. When verifying, you only need to hold the door handle and make a 'thumbs up' action (although it is to the left or right) to verify. There is no need to find the location of fingerprint verification. The learning cost of this verification method is very low. The fingerprint recognition module of many 'one-step unlocking' smart locks is very concealed. The editor once discussed with others and thought that since the fingerprint 'one-step unlocking' design is adopted, it should not be designed with The 'duress fingerprint' function should be designed as a 'duress password' function. I don't know if my suggestion has been 'crashed' by other smart lock manufacturers, but the reason I proposed this idea is because the 'one-step door open' smart lock Fingerprint recognition is usually very concealed (except for optical fingerprints), and the password input panel is easier to find in an emergency. Therefore, under the condition that the fingerprint is sufficiently concealed, the editor believes that 'duress password' will be more suitable. 'Duress fingerprint' cannot Use of common fingerprints will be exposed. Of course, 'one-step unlocking' smart locks are not all advantages. For more advantages, wait for the editor to update next time!
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