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Mute door how to choose?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-11
Mute door lock, also known as electric control lock, it is a controlled by relay mechanical lock device, has now formed a variety of different structure products. So all of us in choosing a mute door lock, generally need to how to choose appropriate satisfactory door lock? Mute door lock selection method is as follows: 1, the wear-resisting degree. Material determines the wear-resisting degree of the lock of the door. Qualitative judgment can use 'see', 'ok', 'listen' and so on the way to solve, such as watching the appearance of the door, so its surface gloss, compared with copper plated, its colour and lustre is dim, but natural. 2, locks the plating. The appearance of the door lock coating determines the door lock. When the door of choose and buy, first select the material of door lock, material is qualitative good door lock, the coating is not easy to peel. 3, open feel. Feel is very important in the process of door opening, need to force too much, nor too small, this is mainly decided by the spring. Spring is good or bad determines the door handle and service life. Choose the door lock is also very important, we everyone in choosing a mute door lock, can choose according to the above method to choose appropriate satisfactory door lock, hope I can help to you.
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