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On the importance of an intelligent lock

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-18
The importance of a smart lock needs to be maximized when you really encounter something. Xiaobian strongly recommends that you also need a smart lock. The reason is as follows: no smart lock can only be tolerated. The most lively thing in the past two days should be the singer Yang Kun's repeated five microblogs denouncing crazy female fans for their squatting and crowing, yang Kun stated that he had been harassed for three months and had reached the point where he could not bear it. It was useless to call the police, because the crazy female fan, from the police station the next day (The police came twice in three days)Come out and continue to harass! As can be seen from the video released by Yang Kun's microblog, this crazy fan is still quite scary, picking the door directly with the unlocking master, although he can't see the picture of picking the lock directly, but you can see the tools and toolboxes for the lock. Many netizens on the Internet said one after another that why Yang Kun's door lock was pried when it was pried? The quality of your door lock is too bad! The market state of smart locks, in fact, everyone should put away all kinds of network speculation information and those messy feelings, and return to a realistic problem, that is, the importance of door locks, locks that can be pried open are unsafe. Xiao Bian will tell you about the safety of door locks. Looking at the current anti-theft door lock market, most of the country is made up of mechanical locks and smart locks (Electronic Lock)Occupy. The smart lock recommended by Xiaobian is an upgraded version of the mechanical lock. The common security doors on the market tend to be equipped with smart locks. The safety misunderstanding of intelligent lock, whether it is mechanical lock or intelligent electronic door lock, safety is always the core. Although some new communities in first-tier cities have standard electronic door locks, most consumers are still cautious about such door locks and want to buy them but worry about their safety. On the one hand, they question the safety of smart doors, on the other hand, it is mainly the security environment around the community, which makes the owners worry about whether there will be anti-thieves or not'Possible. Compared with traditional mechanical door locks, intelligent door locks or electronic door locks are only different in unlocking methods. The former is through physical keys, while the latter is through fingerprints, passwords, mobile phones or cards, etc. The core of security lies in the lock body rather than triggering unlocking. The convenience of smart locks, in daily life, I believe that everyone has more or less encountered such a thing: going out to dump garbage, only to find a gust of wind blowing to lock you out of the door; Going home from work, all kinds of bags and bags are looking for keys. . . . . . The emergence of intelligent door locks successfully solved this problem. It is convenient for people to travel. For example, the elderly often forget to bring the key. With the smart door lock, you can enter the door through fingerprint identification; If parents or guests visit suddenly and you haven't arrived home yet, sharing the password with them is also a good way to entertain guests. In this era when the gap between wages and house prices is widening, people with independent housing can buy smart door locks at ease. For landlords, renting houses is more suitable for installing smart door locks. Human finger live Key' Not only is it convenient for landlords to manage their personnel, but there is no need to worry about copying the previous tenants'The possibility of the key. In an era when intelligence is becoming more and more popular, smart locks have entered thousands of households, bringing convenience and highlighting the great potential of the smart lock market.
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