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On the sidelines: integrative high-end household hardware development trend of the future should be

by:FUYU lock     2020-06-25

Integral household hardware into high-end decorating new favorite as people living standard rise, high art house number increasing, the household design of 'integration' has become the symbol of high quality life art and sign. At present, the overall kitchen, the whole wardrobe has been mature, 'integration' concept in the minds of consumers increasingly strengthen. Similarly, in recent years in Fuyu copper art household, under the advocacy of integral household hardware also be accepted by the public gradually become the new favorite of high-end home outfit. 'Integration' in home outfit, driven by consumer demand, hardware has entered the era of integration. The personage inside course of study: overall household hardware is increasingly popular with high-end consumer reporter interviewed randomly Li Wensuo ten mile river in Beijing city to choose the hardware that Ms.  Li. According to her, the decoration is a villa in yan jiao, it is very strict on hardware. 'I have just booked Fuyu return series of Greece, especially keen feeling and elegant artistic breath. The most important of this series of collectors and bath towel rack, suction, shake handshandle, hinge, door switch socket, copper lamps and other hardware products are the same style, from the decorative pattern on the surface of the material arts to are the same, integral feeling is very good, really fine many than other products on the market. 'Ms.  Li said in an interview with reporters readily. The personage inside course of study says, Ms.  Li love for the whole household hardware was not a single phenomenon, this also confirmed that, from a side urban high-end crowd of household environment the integrity of the pursuit of higher and higher. Overall household hardware over an outfit hardware clutter, casual, no unified style of the embarrassing situation, realize the real integration of domestic outfit since this concept put forward by more and more high-end consumers. Consumer: enjoy real comprehensive integral household experience at present, household decorates a style is diversiform, have classic, modern, fashionable, build form a complete set to buy household products, then whole household is required to meet the demand of consumer's personality. Before launch whole household hardware in Fuyu, however, the whole of domestic household hardware market in the blank. According to introducing, the hardware equipment to complete a door before: locks, cat's eye, hinges, etc. , sometimes need to choose three or four brands to fix, as a result, the metal style is hard to avoid. According to introducing, unlike other household hardware enterprises, as a whole household hardware advocates and practitioners, Fuyu copper art home from collectors to the cat's eye, hinge, door suction, towel racks, hanging hook, furniture handles, etc. , all product design into a series, using the unified design elements, to ensure a uniform style. As a result, not only has the overall kitchen, the overall wardrobe, etc. , decoration style in hardware Angle can be separately, let consumers enjoy real comprehensive and integral household experience of high taste. Designer idea: suitable for the pursuit of high quality art life, the reporter learned from the success of household hardware integration is refers to, from using the door locks, door stopper, hinge, cat's eye, to the cabinet of the handle, and between bath towel rack, mouth cup frame, roll of paper tube, soap and the coat hook, and so on complete sets of products of the bedroom. According to the function different, also can design different modelling, but keep the unity of artistic elements, making all hardware products style is consistent. According to the experience of domestic outfit stylist introduction, high-status decorate is pay attention to the details of performance; Don't look at hardware is very small, through these small details, can reflect master tend to be more identity, style, and the pursuit of quality of life. For now, the integral household hardware favored by luxury villas, top hotels and senior club. It is because the design of the hardware of the style is unified, more can highlight the high taste, conform to the high-end identity and aesthetic, and providing high quality of life enjoyment. Of course, compared with the whole kitchen, integral chest, integral household hardware is still in the rising stage. But stylist thinks, with the rising of the people to be resided to the home environment, hardware will be more and more pay attention to the overall aesthetic household, predictable, and integration is the trend of the development of household hardware. Designers emphasize, first put forward and carry out integral of home hardware concept, design level will continue to maintain the industry leading.
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