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Safety standards for smart door locks released to provide safety guidelines for enterprises

by:FUYU     2019-12-30
Recently, Tmall double 11 announced a group of pre-sale figures attracted a heated discussion: the average price of about 2500 yuan of smart door locks were scheduled for nearly 60 thousand sets, smart home electric curtains booked more than 10 thousand pieces. . . . . . Behind the hot sales of smart home is the upgrading of consumption and the inevitable trend of the rapid development of the internet of things. With the popularization of smart products, security issues have also attracted much attention. In October 30, ICA Alliance ( IoT Connectivity Alliance (ICA) A series of standards for information security of intelligent door locks have been published, including information security risk assessment methods, identity authentication module security technology and terminal security technology, providing security guidelines for relevant manufacturers. Regarding the release of the standard, Zhu Hongru, one of the Alliance sponsors and head of Alibaba Group's Standardization Department, said that the IoT industry chain includes software, platforms, intelligent hardware, etc, we hope to achieve interoperability, improve quality and ensure safety through standards. Only a few parts are released today, in the future, we will really promote the development of the industry from the aspects of interface, network, data, test and certification, etc. ' Wang Yunci, marketing director of Aliyun IoT division, said that through the open platform of the internet of things, small and medium-sized Internet of Things enterprises are being deeply linked from the fields of smart city, smart home and smart manufacturing. It is reported that in addition to the safety standard of intelligent door locks, LoRa node access technical requirements' A number of standards were also released in Beijing on November 6. These standards include standards for connecting gateways to cloud platforms and LoRa radio frequency testing standards. It is understood that ICA Alliance and LoRa Alliance have also formally signed a framework cooperation agreement recently, which indicates that LoRa technology with low power consumption, long distance, open networking and other characteristics will usher in rapid development in China.
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