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Sanya lock company publicizes intelligent lock maintenance

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-01
Smart lock is gradually accepted by the public, and its popularity is also increasing, and it is used more and more smoothly. Then how to maintain the smart lock? The daily maintenance precautions arranged by the company are for everyone to appreciate. The company publicizes the maintenance items of intelligent lock 1. Pay attention to waterproof and anti-corrosion. Generally, the smart lock has no waterproof function. Once the water enters, it is likely to cause circuit board failure. The corrosive substances are more terrible. Long-term positive contact. A smart lock with high color value will say goodbye to you. 2. Keep the fingerprint sensor clean. The fingerprint collector should be kept dry, wiped with a soft cloth, the lock is used for a long time, and there will be grumpiness. The ordinary pencil can solve the problem that the key is not inserted smoothly. Door to door unlocking company's telephone 3. Controlling the door closing force and opening and closing the door forcibly will lead to the loss of harmony of the door lock and the loss of anti-theft guard function; the lock handle, as a key part, is really fragile, and the frequent hanging of heavy objects will greatly reduce its life. 4. Regular inspection, timely replacement of batteries to prevent in advance, regular inspection can avoid potential safety hazards, prevent low-power leakage and damage, it is important to pay attention to batteries from time to time, and contact the unlocking company for on-site maintenance in case of problems that can not be solved. Sanya District door-to-door lock to find master Huang lock company master Huang lock is a registered public security industry and commerce registration by the formal legal company. The company's technical personnel after professional technology and 'professional ethics' training, in line with the quality of technical excellence, from the words and deeds of the instrument. Based on the service concept of 'first for customers' needs, and last for customers' satisfaction', we try our best to provide services (anti-theft locks of all kinds of car lock safes, etc.) for all districts in Guangzhou, such as emergency unlocking, repair, installation, lock changing, etc. Hainan Province has service points, to solve the urgent need to think of customers, urgent need of customers!
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