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Schools, hospitals and detail - engineering fire lock Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-09-04
Special places such as schools and hospitals, high intensity, large flow, its building facilities to meet the code for fire protection design of buildings, the use of locks, door lock has high fire prevention requirements, need to use to fire standard fire lock, fire lock refers to have fire prevention performance of locks, usually used with fire door, in addition to guard against theft, more features are at the time of the natural disasters such as fire, ensure the security of indoor, dredge strive for more time for staff. Today fire lock manufacturers about school, hospital project using fire lock for everyone to do a detailed introduction.     Schools, hospitals, engineering fire lock: & emsp;   Structure: in order to emergency occurs faster to switch lock, fire lock without locking structure design, in addition to the school, hospital, use of fire lock can open on both sides, do not need to lock, also need not open, there are better for security requirements.     Material: schools, hospitals fire lock is adopted 304 stainless steel material, 304 stainless steel has the very high fire prevention ability, accord with GB12955 - 2008 standard, and both use the handle and panel will thicken design, the entire lock heavier than ordinary household door lock on many, more heavy.     Features: can be used with other devices, such as smoke, alarm, alarm occurs, regulation by the central control room, evacuated more convenient fast, high temperature can reach 1 - often 2 hours.     Fu yu hardware in the door industry has 21 years production experience, has a research and development staff of 21 people, specializing in the production of the school, hospital or other engineering using fire lock, factory direct sales, customer service 24 hours online, welcome to contact.
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