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Select the bedroom door - need to pay attention to Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-09-04
Bedroom door as per family essential products, refers to install a lock on the door in the bedroom, common has two kinds of ball lock and hold hand lock. In the life of the common bedroom door has a lot of, the shape is very strange, how to buy the appropriate bedroom door, a lot of friends are not very clear, in most cases are recommended by the merchants. So when selecting a bedroom door when we need to pay attention to what?     A: look at living people & emsp;   The bedroom use a multitude according to different can be divided into two kinds, adults and children room room installation of bedroom door also has a slight difference. Children room to install the door lock focus on security, switch; Adult bedroom door attaches great importance to the beautiful, durable, cost-effective.     2: if quiet & emsp;   The main room, the bedroom is people rests a busy day, in a quiet bedroom to rest, it can greatly alleviate fatigue, in order to solve this situation, the market introduced a quiet bedroom door, the typical feature of this kind of lock is both open and close the door, the voice is very small, reach the level of ears can't hear, security policy to have a rest.     Three: material & emsp;   The bedroom door, on the whole, contains two kinds of material: zinc alloy and stainless steel.     1, stainless steel material is widely applied in many occasions, its high hardness, resistance to oxidation and corrosion resistance ability is outstanding, is one of the important material of bedroom room door lock, its characteristic is to use cycle is long, use many years later, the surface still if brightness is new, and affordable.     2, zinc alloy material is a good plating material, the surface of the door in the bedroom to form multilayer fine oxidation layer, keep it away from harmful substances in the air, long service life. And zinc alloy material easy to die casting can be made into a variety of different modelling, style is rich, beautiful appearance, favored by the public.     Four: the price & emsp;   Before buying the bedroom door, need to know your budget how many, want the products with good quality, or low price products. Small make up remind everybody, quality better bedroom door in about 100, but can be used more than ten years, is very cheap, can be accepted by most of the family; If I buy products around $20, with 1 year it broke, and then to replace the complicated.
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