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Selection method and precautions of intelligent door lock

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-30
As a high-tech product, intelligent door lock has become a leading product in the field of hotel door lock, but how to choose intelligent door lock is a big problem perplexing users. According to Nanfang Daily, a four-star hotel in Shenzhen chose a low-priced smart door lock because the engineering staff did not understand the selection method of the smart door lock, as a result, after the hotel's intelligent door lock has been in use for half a year, the lock body is rusted and the work is not normal, which seriously affects the hotel's reputation and service. When looking for a manufacturer to solve the problem, only to find that the manufacturer has disappeared, bringing great economic and reputation losses to the hotel. In the smart door lock market where good and evil are mixed, how to choose the smart door lock will be described below. Under normal circumstances, the hotel hopes that the service life of the intelligent door lock will be at least 5 years, so many factors must be considered when selecting the intelligent door lock, such as the brand, quality, price, service, etc, so as not to cause various losses. Looking at the smart door lock market, Senda smart door lock is at the forefront of the industry in terms of brand, quality, price and service. From the quality point of view, Senda intelligent door lock series products rely on research and development strength, independently developed non-contact IC card intelligent door lock, contact IC card intelligent door lock, TM card intelligent door lock and electronic double control intelligent door lock. In terms of electronic control, the control circuit main board of Sendai intelligent door lock adopts automatic patch technology (SMT) , High-temperature aging, on-line testing, vibration aging, paint penetration and moisture-proof production processes, thus completely eliminating the damage to the circuit board components caused by the condensation of water vapor inside the door lock due to the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, the performance of the circuit is improved. Moreover, Sendai intelligent door lock also adopts intelligent coding technology to resist strong light interference and reduce the power consumption of the door lock, thus reducing the frequency of replacing the door lock battery. In terms of encryption of smart card keys, all kinds of smart card keys of Morita smart door locks adopt electronic keys with physical password verification function, good security and high reliability, and data can be stored for more than 10 years, however, in order to improve the security performance, all electronic keys adopt encryption algorithms in coding. Apart from using software systems developed with independent intellectual property rights to make electronic keys, electronic keys cannot be copied at all, it overcomes the shortcomings of strong replicability and low safety performance of mechanical keys and improves the safety performance of door locks. The above unique product advantages are leading in the domestic intelligent door lock industry, which reflects the concept of the products of the door lock developers-- Senda intelligent door lock brings users not only a simple anti-theft measure, but also a safer, more comfortable and more convenient enjoyment, to provide users with a completely their own, quiet, confidential space. From the market point of view, at the same price, the performance of Senda intelligent door lock is better than other products; In terms of the same performance, the price of Senda smart door lock is much lower. Senda intelligent door lock completely considers various factors such as itself and users, so that the cost performance of the product is the highest. In the pre-sales, Senda engineers introduce the performance, construction principle, technical parameters, etc. of various products to users, solve the problems that users are most concerned about, and tailor the system solution for users; In the sale, Senda prepares the source of goods for the user, completes the installation and commissioning guidance of the door lock, personnel training and other work in time, so that the user can use it on time and satisfactorily; After the sale, due to the high quality and high performance of the Senda smart door lock, the probability of problems is very small, but when there is a problem, as long as the user calls, the Senda engineer will serve you specially, eliminating the worries of the user. The intelligent door lock is one of the images of the hotel. A good intelligent door lock not only brings comfort and convenience to the guests staying in the hotel, but also creates a good image for the hotel, this is also what Morita smart door locks are pursuing.
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