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Shandong linyi - indoor door lock factory Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-11-18
Shandong linyi indoor door lock factory, shandong linyi is one of the famous production base of indoor door lock, have a lot of door lock manufacturers, at home with a lot of locks are produced in the place of origin, and industry are indoor door and wooden door is a pair of partners, a good quality indoor door lock for value-added, wooden door drive sales, so how to find the door locks with good quality? Wooden door factory should be how to find the lock factory cooperation, see below small make up do it.     Choose shandong linyi indoor door lock factory depends on several factors: the first manufacturer to see if there is power, can from these aspects, the existing staff how many people, workshop area size, production equipment is advanced, there are a few lines, for the quality of the products have the testing standard. In addition to these, for wooden door factory, whether locks can give appreciation is critical, wooden door to take a batch of samples from door lock manufacturers, mounted on a wooden door test results. Have a customer may worry, send the sample of the good, but will send inferior door lock, the worry is redundant, because for the same style of door lock, use of materials and production mould is the same, there is no any differently.     Shandong linyi indoor door lock factory, just said a lot about choice locks factory method, is a manufacturer of the above, fu yu hardware, in zhejiang and guangdong have their own production base, plant area of 15 acres, has three floors, more than 300 employees, the production technology was introduced from Germany, than their peers to use cycle extended more than five years, and the dream day wood door, beautiful heart wood from one hand goods, quality and style don't have to worry about. Wholesale prices, let the customer get more benefits.
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