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Should the lock company post a small advertisement

by:FUYU     2020-02-27
Do not do to others what you do not want. It is understood that not only the unlocking industry, many industries, there are small ads everywhere. To be honest, small advertisements can bring certain achievements to the company. Below, small make up a simple analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of posting small ads! Advantage: 1. Post small advertisements everywhere, which can cover a wide range, have a high exposure rate, and can bring a certain amount of business to the company. 2. It is convenient for some users and can solve some problems of customers. Disadvantages: 1. Affecting the city appearance and damaging the environment. 2 increase labor cost. The small advertisements need to be cleaned up by special personnel, which is both laborious and laborious. 3 in the public consciousness, small advertisements are quite resistant. Most of them have false information. Therefore, posting small advertisements may not get the ideal effect! Especially in the user's door to post small ads, especially cause users nausea! The communication effect received in this way, not only the performance of the enterprise and the company does not obtain benefits, but also the brand reputation will lead to decline. A door is full of small advertisements. If it's your door, do you have anything to say? Whether the small advertisement should be posted or not is a question worthy of our study! There is no right or wrong in putting up small advertisements. There are advantages and disadvantages! But one thing is worth affirming: if an enterprise wants to develop, and wants to develop for a long time, the user evaluation is very important. If a small advertisement causes the user's disgust and affects the reputation of the enterprise, then, should we find another way to publicize more effectively than posting a small advertisement? This is a problem worthy of our locksmith's reflection!
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