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Smart door lock function benefits all have?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-15
Intelligent fingerprint lock is computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and modern hardware craft perfect crystal. So everyone know smart door lock function benefits all have? 1, it brings us is security: usually in residential area environment, general open means cannot ensure enough safety door lock handle, can easily drill holes from outside to open the door with the wire turned the handle again. 2, convenience: intelligent fingerprint lock difference from general mechanical lock, with automatic induction locking system, he will automatically sensing the door is closed, the system will automatically locked. 3, creativity, and the traditional mechanical lock appearance no special care of it. Now intelligent fingerprint lock not only from the appearance of the design meet the mass aesthetic personality, and created like apple smart feel smart locks. 4, security intelligent fingerprint lock is different from the previous 'first open again scanning', scanning mode is very simple, put his fingers in the screening of top-down above the scan can, without the finger in the scanning, scanning way more reduce the fingerprint residue, greatly reduce the possibility of a fingerprint is copied, exclusive to safety. Intelligent fingerprint lock function benefits mainly to share these above, the function of the intelligent fingerprint lock benefits or more, you can try to buy.
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