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Smart door lock maintenance method

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-15
Smart door lock is different from traditional mechanical locks, in terms of user identification, security, manageability more intelligent locks. Intelligent lock is executive parts in the entrance guard system to lock the door. So smart door locks are generally need to how to maintain? Smart door lock maintenance method is as follows: 1, most of the friends after open the door, the door will push into the door frame, let it between the door and come to a close a hug, but this is not a door lock want. 2, fingerprint door lock is used long, brush fingerprint acquisition window surface may be damp or stained with dirt, with a dry soft cloth wipe gently. 3, smart door locks, hang your hand don't things. Is the key part of the lock handle, used to hang on the door lock things friends, to break the habit, even if the time is not long. 4, when they are not smart door lock of the battery needs to be changed frequently. With dual core dual circuit of tyrone smart door lock as an example, fingerprints and password authentication module independent power supply, the fingerprint module power supply shortage, we can also use the password lock. 5, smart door locks are also has a mechanical lock, using mechanical keys don't feel well, do not add lubricant. 6, don't let the lock surface contact with corrosive substances. Although the safety of the lock is essential, but the watch is also very important, after all, this is a guest in your home is a place of contact. We are all in the maintenance of intelligent door locks, should pay more attention to share these above, using the correct maintenance of the smart door lock that we all need.
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