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Smart door lock prolong life?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-15
Smart door lock is different from traditional mechanical lock on the basis of the improved, user security, recognition, manageability is more intelligent handle locks. Smart door lock prolong life? 1, often keep the lock body transmission parts, lubricants to maintain its smooth transmission. Half a year or check once a year, at the same time check the fastening screw loosening, to ensure that the fastening. 2, locks in use process, on a regular basis ( Six months or a year) Or in the key when the plug is not smooth, can in the lock slot into a few graphite powder or pencil powder to ensure that key inserted smoothly. 3, normal use, if there is any dirt, can use dry cloth to clear, do not use chemicals such as detergent scrub. Otherwise, will destroy the protective film, fades. 4, check the clearance of the lock body and lock the gusset plate, the lock tongue gusset plate holes of fitting for the lock, the clearance between the door and door frame is 1. 5mm - 2. 5mm。 If there have change, should be adjusted on the door hinge or lock the position of the gusset plate. Smart door lock live longer, we can do as the above methods, hope everyone can prolong their smart door lock.
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