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Smart door lock with Bluetooth identification and virtual key

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-29
This week by Yves · The August smart door lock designed by Behar began to ship to the scheduled users. In addition, the company also plans to achieve larger shipments in October. The product made its debut in last May and then opened its reservation in last October. After several delays, it was finally scheduled for late August this year. August smart door lock August can be controlled by iphone smart phone, which is very convenient. August is very simple and easy to use, even without taking out the mobile phone to open the app. When the owner approaches the door, August can identify the owner's iphone through Bluetooth and then unlock it automatically; August will lock the door automatically after the owner enters the room. At the same time, through the LED lights on August, the state of the lock is also very simple to identify. August's applications can also provide more diversified control methods. Supporting applications supporting ios and android platforms can also record who has entered the room and when. In addition, users can also send virtual keys to other visitors so that trusted people can enter when they are not at home. Of course, August is not only the sharing of door lock permissions, but also a column of tourist logs and guest books (Guestbook) You can leave comments, suggestions or photos on it. The August smart door lock is connected to your iphone. Due to Bluetooth as the communication mode, the power consumption of the August smart door lock is lower than that of other smart door locks, only two aa batteries can be used continuously for more than 6 months, which can greatly extend the service time and open the door with a spare key even when the battery is exhausted. August intelligent door lock is cylindrical and made of electroplated aluminum with a diameter of 8. 25 cm, height does not exceed 5. 10 cm. This smart lock is suitable for a variety of models of fixed bolts, available in champagne, red, gray and black. Users can choose the color they like according to the style of the door to ensure the overall beauty. The August smart lock can be installed in ten minutes only by replacing the lock twist, and will not affect the appearance of the door. October this year smart door locks have different color combinations. At present, officially announced that the smart lock will be officially shipped in. At present, it has begun to accept reservations with a retail price of 249. $99 (About RMB 1535) In the UK and Australia, the price is 150 and a $268 respectively.
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