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Smart door locks just need to grow, market competition continues

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-04
Now domestic of intelligent home market in a high-speed development of stage with the consumers of intelligent home of awareness gradually improve intelligent home user scale will be significant growth, at the same time also promote the intelligent home industry constantly update own of technology to meet consumer demand. Take the smart door lock as an example. At present, the domestic smart door lock market continues to grow at a high speed, which is an excellent development opportunity for all smart door lock manufacturers. Intelligent door lock market development rapid intelligent home is at present of hot place is also industry of development trend have experts prediction 2017 domestic intelligent home potential market scale about for 5. RMB 8 trillion. As a part of smart home, smart lock is naturally a major factor for many giant traditional brands to lay out the smart home market, and traditional mechanical lock brands are also increasing the layout and extension of smart lock products, many brands are entering the card position. Giant brands have strong background and resource advantages, but compared with other intelligent products, the proportion of intelligent door locks in their product lines will not be too large for the time being. For example, Samsung, Panasonic and other international brands have advantages in developing the smart door lock market with the help of their accumulated market popularity. However, the hardware side is excellent in the process of mechanical lock transformation, but most of the software side only purchases solutions, and services such as docking large developers, large properties and upgrade iterations are lacking. The smart door lock market is in constant war. From the dimensions of development background and product emphasis, the current domestic smart door lock market brands are mainly divided into three categories: traditional door lock manufacturers, foreign brands, and Internet vertical brands, the tripartite confrontation pattern was formed in 2016. The continuous warming of the market indicates the war in the smart door lock industry in 2016' It is bound to burn more in 2017' , More new brands join the war' At the same time, it is not surprising that some brands or products will be eliminated by the market. Analysis of market scale of smart door locks smart locks account for more than 70% of the market share in Japan, South Korea and some European and American countries. China has a population of 1. 4 billion and nearly 0. 4 billion families, at present, the family base for installing smart locks is very low, less than 3%, that is, 97% of the families have the need to update from mechanical locks to smart locks, and the number of new houses added each year will still maintain relatively high vitality, the scale and prospect of China's smart lock market are the largest in the world. At present, in the smart door lock industry, the B- end market such as brand apartments and real estate is still the main force of large-scale shipments in the short term due to the concentration of procurement and large transaction volume. This is also the market targeted by many new Internet intelligent door lock enterprises. Some people in the industry expect that there are currently 70 million rental housing units in China, and with a huge number of hotel markets, these B- end customers have a strong demand for door lock intelligence. With the they in 2017 the end of the large-scale procurement of in 2017 Q3 quarter intelligent door lock shipments will usher in a round of big of outbreak. Although the B- end market is developing rapidly, the largest market for smart door locks is still in the massive and scattered C- end (Home users). Data show that there were more than 2 million domestic smart door locks in 2016, with a growth rate of more than 40%. In the long run, with the property market warming up again and the coming tide of marriage and childbearing after 95, the consumption habit of installing smart locks in new houses is gradually becoming popular. At present, 0. 4 billion of the 95% families in China have the demand to convert mechanical locks into intelligent locks, which is a huge blue ocean market. Moreover, the C- end market is more likely to form a scale effect, which also makes it a decisive area for many intelligent door lock enterprises. According to professional analysis, 2017 is the real outbreak period of smart locks, and the growth rate of the number of enterprises will not be lower than that of 2016. We can foresee that in the following period of time, competitors in the smart lock market will definitely enter a period of explosive growth. The rapidly growing competitors will inevitably bring about rapidly increasing competition. Therefore, the smart lock will soon usher in a big reshuffle, and those who are speculative, have no technical content, and are not of good quality will inevitably be eliminated.
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