Established in 1999, FUYU door lock has gradually become one of the most famous door lock manufacturers in China because of high quality, high added value, variety and variation.


Smart door locks making it safer to enter and exit the house


For those who use mechanical door locks, we can only use the key to open the door.For example, you are happy to return to your door from get off work, and when you are ready to take the key to open the door, you find that the key is still Landed in the office; for example, if you wake up late, go to work in a hurry, and when you are about to close the door, you find that you can’t find the key. I locked the door, touched my pocket, and forgot to bring the key...Although these situations do not happen often, as long as they occur once, it is enough to ruin the good mood of the day and even bring people to the edge of emotional breakdown.

Because traditional mechanical door locks have so many maddening drawbacks, and the popularization of smartphones has brought the people's atmosphere of open acceptance of smart hardware products, smart technology is used to upgrade the door lock experience and solve the various problems caused by people using keys. Inconvenient smart door locks have gradually entered thousands of households, are sought after by many people, and are showing an increasingly rapid development trend. In fact, in residential communities in large and medium-sized cities in China, as long as you observe carefully, you can always see smart door locks. In addition, powerful developers like Evergrande and Country Garden have helped high-end communities to include smart door locks as standard equipment. More and more people feel that smart door locks bring convenience and comfort to home life, and it has become a safe and decent way of life in and out of their homes.

Smart door locks are more convenient without a key

Smart door locks routinely use "fingerprint + password + MFE card" to open the door, and fingerprints are the main door open method. After turning your finger into a "key" that you can't throw away and you can carry around, you can recognize and open the door in seconds with a push of your finger.

The best smart door lock can also hold hundreds of fingerprints and different door opening codes at the same time, which can more than meet the personal and private use needs of each family member, and the smart door lock management background can record and query the use information of the door lock in real time. It is convenient for owners to effectively manage the use of door locks and home safety.


Smart door locks are safer without a key

As a metal door lock that guards home security, no matter how the door lock is upgraded or changed, safety is always the first consideration. For this reason, Fuyu smart locks are top-of-the-line in terms of safety performance, and there are many remarkable points, such as the use of most in the world Brands are using the FPC live fingerprint technology, high anti-riot performance, one-piece zinc alloy lock panel, anti-saw 304 stainless steel lock body, and the emergency backup lock cylinder also adopts a C-level lock cylinder that has been opened for more than 270 minutes with anti-technology.

In addition, the smart door lock changes the cold state of mechanical locks without interaction, and transforms passive defense into an active defense mechanism. Once it encounters multiple incorrect inputs, the door lock will automatically lock up. When encountering violent intrusion, the smart door lock will automatically trigger an alarm. At the same time, through the matching of the gateway and the mobile phone APP, information can be pushed to the owner's mobile terminal in real time anywhere, helping the owner to respond to abnormal situations in time.

Smart door locks are more decent without a key

Through the smart door lock administrator, you can freely enter or delete the unlocking authority. Therefore, relatives and friends come to the home to be a guest or temporarily live. There is no need to separate the key or allocate the key, and enter the temporary fingerprint; the babysitter at home is replaced, and there is no need to consider locking the door. If you change it, you only need to delete the fingerprints, which not only facilitates the visits of customers, but also avoids the embarrassment of family safety and privacy.

In daily life scenes, many humanized considerations of smart door locks will also make you feel more convenient and decent. For example, when you return home with a full shopping load, you don’t have to put items on the ground and rush to find keys, you only need to spare one. You can open the door with your finger; put on your sportswear and go out for exercise. There is no dilemma of putting the key in your pocket or nowhere to put it. Just close the door and run to the sports field as soon as you say. The password opening method of the fuyu smart lock uses a virtual position. The blessing of password technology can add garbled codes before and after the real password to prevent prying, so that you can open the door generously without worrying about password leakage.

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