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Smart home development direction, door lock or the most critical link

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-01
For South Korea, which produces Ouba in mass production, handsome is not a specific form of facial recognition, but has become an attitude towards life. For the majority of women who have been in the major Korean dramas, it is easy to find a person who consciously rises to the National husband'Ouba must be calm. If you open a door because the key can not find or lost and the guy who is in a hurry, there is no angry face value, certainly can not afford a mature Ouba role. The development direction of smart home, door lock or the most critical link, and the penetration rate of smart door in South Korea has reached 90%, for less than 2% of Chinese male gods, how elegant and calm' Unlocking is a stem that has to be practiced hard to break through. Fortunately, smart home products have been warmed up to face the Chinese market, and the local brands that are concentrated on research and development, and the huge power accumulated may make this calm'Come early. What is the future development direction of the smart home industry? Here, let's analyze one or two. 1. The core of the future development of smart home is in the field of security. Intelligent security has become an indispensable part of intelligent living system. Security enterprises pay attention to civil security products, home network camera, home infrared alarm, door magnetic detector, smoke alarm and water leakage detector have also become the development direction of smart home products. 2. Continuously improve product quality and performance; In the future, the operation of smart home products should be simple and clear, and be fool-like' The direction of development, but also to improve the fun of the operation. Smart home should also consider the problem of environmental protection and energy saving, add energy-saving equipment to the operating system, and intelligently manage power consumption. 3. Ensure the personalization of the operating system; The demand of modern consumers is becoming more and more personalized. The personalized appearance, the personalized operating system and the personalized product mix are the trends of mass consumption. 4. Take the service route of the people-friendly market; Pro-people not only reduce the price, but also pay attention to the follow-up supporting services, installation, operation, maintenance, upgrade and other services. 5. Vigorously develop intelligent modules; The intelligent module is the execution unit and control end of the smart home platform. It is an organic whole with the intelligent central control system. Toby Sun, deputy director of Fosun kunzhong Capital's investment team in Silicon Valley (Sun Weiyao) It is believed that the door lock is the most critical part of the smart home, and there are three big things to go out in daily life: mobile phone, wallet and key. Wallets have been gradually integrated into mobile phones. The mobile payment platform built by Alibaba and Tencent has successfully weakened the concept of wallets. At present, the only thing left is the key. And the current trend, like the wallet, the last mile of the key and the Internet is bound to be opened. We never lack the value of the face, but we need to work harder to level the quality of life.
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