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Smart home seconds 'understand' your life, but the price needs to be more friendly

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-15
Xiao Zhen, MBA supervisor of Fudan University School of Management and Executive Director of China Intelligent Industry Alliance, said that smart appliances in smart homes have been accepted by consumers and smart items have also entered mass families, only the smart home system has a high price and has not formed a consumer market. He believes that home intelligence is not equal to high prices. In fact, prices should be more close to the people. When you go home from work, the smart lock identifies the owner's fingerprint to automatically open, the air conditioner sets a comfortable temperature half an hour in advance, steps into the house, the lights automatically open, the soft music rings, and the refrigerator is based on the stored ingredients, customized three dishes and one soup recipe. . . . . . Yesterday, the reporter experienced how the hot smart home really entered the life of ordinary people on the spot, which was an eye-opener. Smart home seconds understand' Your life, early in the morning, touch the bedside panel to get up'Mode, the curtains slowly open; Going out, going to work' The mode is started, and the security system is automatically turned on and in the alert state; Go home from work, input fingerprints, door locks open, porch lights on, air conditioning, fresh air system start. . . . . . This is not the scene in the movie, but the real feeling of the reporter at Haier smart home Hanyang experience hall yesterday. Our smart home has N scene modes, and consumers can switch freely with only one key. ' Haier smart home Wuhan core service provider General Manager Shu introduced. The refrigerator can store food and can also place orders for shopping. Reporters saw in the experience area that a smart refrigerator called Xin kitchen attracted the attention of many citizens at the scene. Engineers demonstrate for everyone: buy too many ingredients at a time, afraid to expire? The refrigerator will remind you through the display screen that pork still has a shelf life of 3 days; If you want to eat steak, but you don't have beef, the refrigerator can also shop online. Users in Wuhan can place orders through Store No. 1 and Yiguo Fresh online store, and steak can be delivered home. ' Standing in front of the mirror in the morning, you can check the weather forecast and news of the day through the mirror when brushing your teeth; You can reserve the water temperature in advance when taking a bath; After the Bath, the system automatically starts to remove moisture. Dry autumn and winter, the Magic Mirror's health and beauty function can check your skin and body condition. . . . . . The smart home market is still in the cultivation period. Although the smart home has gradually come to the public, it has not lowered its value. Haier Xin kitchen refrigerator 458 litres price 6999 yuan, Magic Mirror price 11999 yuan. If you install a complete set of smart homes such as lights, curtains, security and home cinemas in your home, you will need more than 200 thousand yuan. Consumers are not very clear about the concept of smart home. Mr. Li, a citizen living in Baibuting, said smart home? Is it a talking refrigerator? ' There are also some consumers who have been dismissed by the price. Chen Sheng, a citizen who lives in the small east gate of Wuchang, said that because there are old people and children in the family, they want to install a security system, but the price is too high to accept. Different from consumers, manufacturers are unanimously optimistic about the smart home market. According to smart home related reports, the overall size of China's smart home market is expected to reach 381. 3 billion yuan in 2016, up year on year. 1%. Experts said that smart home' As a brand-new concept of life, it is still in the stage of market cultivation. With the progress of intelligent technology and the improvement of design thinking, smart home can quickly enter the lives of ordinary people, allowing owners to better manage home space anytime and anywhere. The price of smart home should be more friendly to the people. Xiao Zhen, MBA tutor of Fudan University's School of Management and Executive Director of China Smart Industry Alliance, said that smart home appliances in smart home have been accepted by consumers, smart items have also entered the public family, but the price of smart home system is relatively high and no consumer market has been formed. He believes that home intelligence is not equal to high prices. In fact, prices should be more close to the people. He explained that because manufacturers used to make profits by selling products, after intelligence, they relied on personalized experience generated by service content and data to make profits, and the profits of the products themselves should be reduced instead. He pointed out that the smart home market is the general trend, and the real smart home means that everyone's life will be freely customized in the future.
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