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Smart Lock industry becomes new blue sea security vulnerability still exists

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-31
With the continuous maturity and wide application of technologies such as Internet of Things, cloud computing and big data in 2016, smart home has begun to show a hot trend and will become a new industrial strength after mobile intelligence, the smart door lock is the target of many smart manufacturers' As the door of the whole smart home, it occupies a very important position. The market size will climb to in the future. This new blue ocean will become one of the largest application markets of IoT. Stimulated by many favorable factors such as policy support, development of artificial intelligence and enhancement of consumer awareness, China's smart lock industry will usher in a period of rapid development. It is expected that by 2020, the sales volume of smart door locks in China will exceed 32 million sets, and the smart lock industry cluster composed of parts suppliers, technical support providers, smart lock manufacturers, IoT technology enterprises and security enterprises will become more mature and perfect. Smart door locks can bring great convenience to many people. First of all, we don't have to check frequently whether we forget to bring the key or lock the door, everything can be operated remotely through mobile phones or other mobile devices. Especially for families with elderly children, it is especially practical. Most parents need to go to work. It is impossible to bring their own children. They can only rely on the elderly or aunts. The installation of smart door locks will enable parents to better grasp the whereabouts of their children and reassure them. In the future, the key will become history, unlocking through induction cards, digital passwords and fingerprints, especially fingerprints are widely used on locks as unique biological passwords, it is as convenient to open the door as to open the iPhone screen with a fingerprint, which greatly enhances the convenience and speed of unlocking. Moreover, the general intelligent door lock will have an alarm system. When the intelligent door lock is pried open in an abnormal way, a sharp alarm sound will be issued, thus informing the owner and or the Community Security at the first time, and then prevent disasters, and truly eliminate theft from the root'Hidden dangers, all-round protection of home safety. According to the reporter's understanding, the total output value of China's lockset industry is currently over 60 billion yuan, of which the total output value of the intelligent lockset industry will exceed 6 billion yuan in 2016. Such a huge market has also led many smart home companies to launch their own smart door lock products, claiming the advantages of various latest smart technologies, no need to bring cassette keys, and convenient for the elderly to use. Smart door locks have also become an important entry point for businesses to compete for smart home entrances. The penetration rate of intelligent door locks in some foreign countries is as high as over 50%, but it is only 2% in China. There is still much room for improvement. The intelligent door lock industry has a bright future in the next few years, it is a huge blue ocean market. Many domestic Internet companies have begun to study smart door locks, including companies such as Xiaomi and Tintin, which have launched some good products. Safety is still the biggest problem. Intelligent door locks are in an important position as the first guardian of family safety. Safety is its self-evident core. The purpose of intelligence cannot be deviated from and must be for security services. The realization of intelligent network security problems, electronic information security problems, coupled with the original mechanical lock itself security problems, is a key issue in the reliability of an intelligent door lock. Looking at most of the products on the market at present, due to the high cost and technical requirements of making a high-water encryption system, everyone is focusing on the intelligence of using functions, as a selling point for hype. Because intelligent security can't be seen or touched, and high cost is obvious. The current smart products include foreign brands that do not do or only do more common encryption protection. People who master a little hacker technology can easily crack it. It often happens that when you turn on your smartphone, you can see the closed-circuit monitoring of several families with a little crack. The beginning of the Internet of Things has pushed home network security to an important position, with smart door locks bearing the brunt. Intelligent Equipment manufacturers should do a good job in the safety guarantee of the whole life cycle of equipment and formulate perfect network security emergency response plans; When vulnerabilities are found or malicious programs are implanted in the device, it can provide online upgrade function or notify the user to manually repair them in time. Smart home security is a systematic issue that requires coordination of technology, management and laws and regulations to ensure the healthy development of the entire industry. The 'cyber security law' implemented on June 1 and the interpretation of the Supreme People's Court and the Supreme People's Procuratorate on several issues concerning the application of laws in handling criminal cases of infringement of citizens' personal information have further consolidated the smart home safety net'.
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