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- solid wood door manufacturer Selection, design is rich

by:FUYU lock     2020-11-14
Real wood door is very common in People's Daily lives, is installed on the real wood door locks, basically every household can see, the market demand is big. Solid wood door manufacturer has a lot of, most of the long-term cooperation with door factory, store, made products sales outlets to the market, harmonious win-win situation on both sides. Solid wood door manufacturer which good? It is strange for many people, there are two reasons, most door factory or lock factory are out-of-town stores cooperation, it's hard to know actual situation.     Fu yu hardware 21 years professional solid wood door manufacturers, the company covers an area of 15 acres, employees 300 people, research and development staff of 21 people, has 180 sets of production equipment, 21 full automatic production line, nissan 600000 pieces of solid wood door lock, direct manufacturers, long-term for door factory, store and supply of the project, the design is rich, the shipments.     Whether real wood door manufacturer mainly include these aspects: appropriate & emsp;   1, the factory power & emsp;   Here refers to the manufacturers strength, refers to hardware infrastructure, such as: how many equipment, workshop area size, number of employees, gain honor certificate, clients case and so on. These solid wood door manufacturer is the basis of the information to customer for confirmation before cooperation, conditional word, can go to the field to see, know about the environment around.     2, price & emsp;   Good solid wood door lock manufacturers in product pricing has a strict rules and regulations, not malicious low price, also won't quote high price. But according to the production cost, plus fixed net profit, and determined comprehensively multiple dimensions such as the market price of the product may be according to the raw materials of pleased to appear certain fluctuation.     3, product quality & emsp;   Product quality is directly related to quality control links, a lot of tiny solid wood door lock, no corresponding quality control link, as long as the product produced, sales market, concerned for the quality of the products; And normal solid wood door manufacturer, has a special quality inspection link, each product outbound, before the products go through hundreds of test procedure, to ensure that every link up to the standard, and then to the market.     Availability & emsp; 4,   Some engineering projects, short time limit, request to infrastructure in place quickly. For solid wood door lock is also a truth, site of waiting for the product for installation, and product delays, seriously affected the timeline, the manufacturers supply ability seriously insufficient, later cooperation unit is difficult to have the cooperation opportunity.     5, logistics cost & emsp;   Real wood door locks belong to hardware, from factory or store the door every time I take a small number of goods, with a few a few, most of the time are logistics, so can save cost of both sides, more powerful solid wood door lock manufacturers, have fixed logistics company cooperation, not only has a guarantee delivery speed, and the unit price will be lower.
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