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Sony push Qrio smart door lock, can be installed directly on the existing door lock-FUYU-img

Sony push Qrio smart door lock, can be installed directly on the existing door lock

by:FUYU     2019-12-24
We have seen some changes since Sony announced a streamlined product line and re-planned the company's strategy. Part of it is to focus on the PlayStation game console; Another direction seems to be to let the public test and feedback its new concept products. Recently, Sony on the Makuake website ( Equivalent to Japan's Kickstarter crowdfunding platform)Launched the first crowdfunding product-- Qrio intelligent door lock has received wide attention. Sony claims that Qrio is the world's smallest smart door lock. It uses an aluminum body and features that it does not need to transform the door, but can be directly installed on the existing door lock and perform various operations through applications. In addition, the door lock can provide about 1000 days of use with only four CR123A batteries. At present, Qrio smart door lock has completed the crowdfunding target, with an early discount price of 15000 yen (About RMB 782) Unfortunately, it is currently only available for the Japanese market and there are no listing plans for other countries and regions.
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