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Stainless steel door lock and zinc alloy lock - identification method - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-01-24
Stainless steel door lock is good quality in indoor door lock a, its high hardness, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and other excellent characteristics are popular with many people, but in many undesirable businessman, inducing consumers with zinc alloy door lock, stainless steel, zinc alloy door lock color appearance, texture, similar with the naked eye is hard to distinguish. The stainless steel door lock and zinc alloy door lock with what method can be identified? Under the interior door manufacturer of professional staff of several methods are given.     Method one: quality & emsp;   The density is larger than zinc alloy stainless steel, take the same volume of door lock, can be obviously found that different with the hand, quality weight is a stainless steel door lock, pro is zinc alloy door lock.     Method 2: visual & emsp;   Although stainless steel locks and zinc alloy door lock is similar, but careful observation or can see obvious different, stainless steel door lock is more natural than zinc alloy door locks, delicate.     Method 3: mutual scrape & emsp;   Because the hardness is greater than that of zinc alloy, stainless steel with two kinds of material of door lock, use the blade row, if the surface color and color inside, is stainless steel, the opposite.     Method 4: to observe the panel & emsp;   Because of the zinc alloy material door lock is more soft, in general, when using the panel in holes in the sides of the panel or the central do to support locks. If not, it's stainless steel door lock. More indoor door lock fascinating information recommendation: indoor door lock manufacturers wholesale price wholesale direct selling zhejiang engineering lock wholesale indoor door lock manufacturers
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