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Still using traditional door locks? You are out! -Media reports

by:FUYU lock     2021-08-23
In your daily life, you must have encountered the following situation: you are anxious to go out and forget to take the key, but the door is closed; when you are outside, you are always worried about the thief patronizing; friends come to see you, but you are not at home; go shopping At the end of the supermarket, both hands were full of things, and it was not convenient to get the keys at the door of the house...The smart door lock came into being and liberated the people in the above-mentioned predicament. It does not require a key, and you can open the door at any time by recording a fingerprint; if the finger is too wet or dry or the fingerprint is light, you can also use a password to unlock the lock; the APP remote unlocking is great, and you don’t need to run back to open a door for friends and family. The order data of the smart door lock industry in the first half of 2018 has nearly doubled the number compared to 2017. At the same time, it has exceeded the production and sales of the whole year of 2017, reaching about 8.3 million sets. And there are data showing that the real shipments are also close to the production and sales of the whole year of 2017. An optimistic estimate is that if the current situation develops, the growth rate of my country's smart door locks in 2018 is expected to double in 2017 and reach 16 million sets. It is very possible. On the whole, the development of my country's smart door lock industry has reached a new level. At the same time, in the big wave of smart homes, door locks have become an inevitable trend, and they have been supported by many consumers, especially young consumers. favorite.
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