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Success comes from concentration, and bolanmei opens the door to wisdom

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-02
The current development of the Internet of Things is unstoppable, and the problem of information security is becoming increasingly obvious. According to data, in recent years, China's lockset industry is growing at a high speed of more than 20% per year on average, and will be a billion-class market in the future. In the past two years, the smart door lock market has developed rapidly at a growth rate of more than 40% every year. According to the forecast of the National lock Industry Information Center, the demand for smart locks in China in 2018 is 13 million sets, which is expected to increase by more than 2017 compared with 60%. The market size may be close to 20 billion and the market potential is huge. At present, more than 70% of end users and 80% of industry respondents believe that in the next few years, they hope to replace the traditional door opening method with mobile phones, key cards, fingerprints or face recognition, this means that the door lock replacement tide has become a new wave of the era. On April 16, Chen, secretary general of the organizing committee of the 2018 China construction expo sunflower award and secretary general of the China Smart habitat Industry Promotion Association, brought the sunflower award' Co-organizer NetEase home, the delegation consisting of the Pacific security network, a little information, the door lock world and the sponsor's smart lock installation service platform small screws went deep into Dongguan and Zhongshan to conduct in-depth visits and investigations on the sunflower award smart lock selection activities. At eighteen o'clock P. M. on the same day, the Pacific security and China Construction Expo sunflower award smart lock selection delegation arrived in Zhongshan bolanmei Intelligent Technology Co. , Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as 'blaming') Wu Xiaoping, general manager of the company, met with the delegation. Berland Meiyuan focused on the development of intelligent electronic door locks in 1997 and has passed lS09001 international quality system certification. As the saying goes, the book is infatuated, and the art is good'. After 21 years of hard work and profound research, berlanme has long been famous. Its products are well-known in the industry and won the top ten brands of China's smart locks in 2014 in 2014'One. 'Book of Changes' said: Heaven is healthy, and a gentleman strives for self-improvement; Di shi kun gentleman to social commitment. This is not only the improvement of product value, but also the continuous improvement of corporate culture and scientific research and development. Only with the continuous progress of products can enterprises go further. During the inspection, Wu Xiaoping introduced the blumei A7 series smart lock, which is currently mainly aimed at the apartment market. He told the delegation that the A7 smart lock broke through the inherent thinking and took the lead in integrating the motherboard, battery, module, motor, clutch device, etc. into the front panel. When installing, it is not necessary to pass the cable through the door and lock body, just tighten the front and rear panels with screws. If there is a problem with the lock, the user only needs to remove the front and return it to the company for repair or replacement. It is not only more convenient to install, but also simpler after-sales. ' Another smart lock for the home market is also easy to install and easy to after-sales' As a starting point for research and development, Wu Xiaoping told reporters: this smart lock is similar to A7, but the difference is that, this smart lock integrates all clutch, motor, battery, module, Motherboard, etc. into the rear panel, which is similar to A7 when installed, it's just an extra fingerprint identification and password cable. ' Bolanmei is mainly engaged in hotel locks, intelligent locks, electronic locks, etc. Its core departments include more than 10 functional departments such as research and development, mold, die casting, polishing, QC, marketing, customer service, etc. It can be seen from the development of Boland in recent years that Boland has become more and more detailed in the research of intelligent locks. The deeper a thing is done, the finer the professional division of labor will be. With its strong R & D and production strength, berlanme has continuously improved the experience value of users in the use of smart locks from R & D technology, product innovation to industrialization. Berlanme always pursues brand strategy, scale development, professional quality and standardized management system, providing customers with first-class services and guarantees in all directions. At present, berlanme has established a long-term partnership with internationally renowned hardware brands, and its products are exported to the United States, Britain, Brazil, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions in the world. In the new information age, scientific and technological innovation has reshaped people's aesthetic taste and attitude towards life, and has gradually become a popular fashion life concept for modern people. Berlamy is rewriting with independent technological innovation, so that the traditional way of life is also due to the addition of modern technological factors. However, it has become more environmentally friendly, more fashionable, more sustainable, safer and more convenient to meet the spiritual needs and aesthetic preferences of urban people to a greater extent. After ten years of grinding a sword, the plum blossoms are fragrant. After 21 years of thick and thin hair, the company has continuously researched and developed with high-quality products, cutting-edge technology and excellent product quality, always firmly rooted in the front of the industry. In the future, berlanme will definitely dedicate more intelligent and safe products to us, making our future life more intelligent and more secure!
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