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Summer is here, put a fingerprint lock on your home, and go lightly-media reports

by:FUYU     2021-11-19
Just after the May Day holiday, it means that summer is here. Walking on the street, looking at the beautifully dressed girl is really a beautiful landscape. For girls with good figures, summer is their favorite season because they can finally show themselves in summer, show their figure, show beautiful legs... In summer, they can wear all kinds of beautiful clothes, such as long skirts, short skirts, dresses, and suspenders. Shirts, halter outfits... You can control them as you like, and dress yourself up beautifully! Boys also love summer more, because in summer you can enjoy the beautiful 'scenery' on the street without any scruples. You can have a hearty game with friends on the basketball court after get off work. You can have a drink at the roadside stall at 12 o'clock in the evening. Beer, barbecue, talking about dreams, yes, in summer, you should be yourself and pack light. But summer is said to be the easiest season to forget the key. Because summer is a particularly sleepy season, people's memory is also relatively low. Temporarily go out and take out the trash, forget to bring the keys to dinner, the family goes out for a walk, forget to take the keys to the gym after get off work, forget to take the keys and friends to play basketball, badminton, swimming, forget to bring the keys. The way you open the door determines the way of life, and traditional door locks don’t seem to make you impeccable. A single opening method often encounters the 'forgot to bring the key' lock. Summer is here, it's time to put on a smart fingerprint lock at home so that you will be more comfortable when you go out, and you never have to worry about forgetting to bring your key or you don't have a pocket to put the key. Fuyu Smart Lock has multiple opening methods (fingerprint unlocking, smart bracelet unlocking, IC card unlocking, password unlocking, etc.) to intelligently lock your door, making your life more convenient. Fuyu Smart Lock has a more humane anti-theft violent unlocking alarm function, which automatically sends out an alarm to ensure your home is safer. Original article: Fuyu fingerprint lock Please indicate the source for reprinting.
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