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The components and security of the fingerprint identification system of the smart lock


There are many types of smart door locks. Among these types, fingerprint locks are the most widely used. A person's fingerprint is unique and unchanged for life, and fingerprint unlocking is convenient and safe. So what are the parts of this fingerprint recognition system?

One. Fingerprint image compression

The large-capacity fingerprint database must be compressed and stored to reduce storage space. The main methods include JPEG, WSQ, EZW, etc.

Two. Fingerprint Image Processing

Including fingerprint area detection, image quality judgment, orientation map and frequency estimation, image enhancement, fingerprint image binarization and refinement, etc. Preprocessing refers to the use of certain algorithms to process fingerprint images with noise and false features to make the ridge structure clear and feature information prominent. Its purpose is to improve the quality of fingerprint images and improve the accuracy of feature extraction. Generally, the preprocessing process includes normalization, image segmentation, enhancement, binarization and refinement, but the steps of preprocessing are different depending on the specific situation.


Three. Fingerprint feature extraction

Fingerprint feature extraction: Extract fingerprint feature point information from the pre-processed image. The information mainly includes parameters such as type, coordinates, and direction. The minutiae features in fingerprints usually include end points, bifurcation points, isolated points, short bifurcations, loops, etc. The end points and bifurcation points of the ridges have the most chance of appearing in the fingerprint, the most stable, and easy to obtain. These two types of feature points can be used to match fingerprint features: the degree of similarity between the feature extraction result and the stored feature template is calculated.

Four. Fingerprint matching

Fingerprint matching is to compare the fingerprint features collected on site with the fingerprint features stored in the fingerprint library to determine whether they belong to the same fingerprint. There are two ways to compare fingerprints:

1. One-to-one comparison: retrieve the user fingerprint to be compared from the fingerprint database according to the user ID, and compare it with the newly collected fingerprint;

2. One-to-many comparison: the newly collected fingerprints are compared with all fingerprints in the fingerprint library one by one. ‍

With the development of science and technology in our country, the application range of fingerprint recognition is very wide, especially in access control and attendance. Moreover, the price is low, and more and more users accept this technology.

So is the smart lock safe? Will it be stuck? What kind of lock is the safest?

It is very difficult to copy a complete fingerprint. Take Fuyu's automatic smart lock as an example. It uses bio-semiconductor fingerprints based on temperature. Humidity and blood can accurately store hundreds of fingerprints.

Will it be stuck? In fact, all electronic products are stuck. Nobody is perfect or barefoot, and best fingerprint door locks are not perfect. After ten years of development, the fingerprint lock can basically maintain stability. Of course, it is also related to the quality of its content electronic components, such as DSP chips, memory, capacitors, etc. It is also very important in the selection of some connectors.

While choosing a smart lock, why not ask the seller to show a copy of the purchase documents of the chip and other components, or just open the security fingerprint lock to see if the electronic components inside are complete?

Whether the smart lock card is stuck or not is closely related to the internal structure. If it has a single delivery program and simple equipment, it will be very common; on the contrary, if it has mature programs and complete configurations, the chance of stucking can be counted as zero.

The Fuyu automatic smart lock is different from the traditional smart house lock. It uses a dual MCU system. The front and rear dual systems are independent of the front and rear panels. Once the system is abnormal, another system will be activated immediately. The front and rear systems can operate independently, intelligently controlled, and give you double protection, making your travel and homecoming more convenient and safer.

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