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u200bIt's 2019, why do you need a fingerprint lock in your home?

by:FUYU lock     2021-11-15
Door locks are security equipment that every family has to deal with every day. Traditional mechanical door locks are security equipment that most people rely on. However, there are always these situations in life that make people helpless with their own mechanical door locks. 1. Do you often forget to bring the key or lose the key? 2. The child is too young and often loses the key with the key, it is not safe, without the key, and cannot open the door for the child before the child goes home? 3. Are you a frequent visitor to locksmiths? It has to be opened several times a year, and a lot of money has been spent... The above are just examples of some hidden dangers, and there are still a steady stream of problems! In the past, people had no choice, and swallowed their complaints about the disadvantages of mechanical locks. Now we can choose smart fingerprint locks! How to choose a smart fingerprint lock? 1. Looking at the fingerprint design, designing the fingerprint on the handle is obviously more in line with usage habits and more convenient. We can open the door when we grab the handle, instead of pressing the fingerprint and then pulling the handle. . 2. Look at the appearance, not only the appearance of the door lock, but also the design and material of the door lock. 3. Look at the overall perception of the combination of the lock and the door. You can't just look at the door lock itself, observe the smart door lock, but also try to combine it with the door to see the whole. Some locks look beautiful, but they may not be so when they are installed on the door. 4. It is not that the more functions the better. No matter how many functions, pay attention to whether the smart door lock has precise functions and a proper sense of proportion. In this era of intelligence, and also an era that requires security, smart fingerprint locks have also entered our lives, so now you need a fingerprint lock, so how much trouble can you save? A fingerprint lock can make up for the various flaws of ordinary mechanical locks. Not only completely solve the above problems, there are more to improve the home security level. Ningbo Fuyu Fingerprint Lock Joyshare: The benchmark among fingerprint lock manufacturers, has a number of patented inventions, and has opened fingerprint lock franchising and fingerprint lock agency services to the market. Welcome to inquire.
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