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Under the look of Smart Home: everyone is 'naked'

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-31
In 2015, we have seen that because security researchers have separated the security and personal privacy of networked devices that should be closely integrated, the privacy data stored in home smart devices often faces huge risks. LG Electronics, a smart TV maker, has recently become the focus of the topic. Since a voice recognition function of LG's Smart TV is turned on by default, some privacy and family conversations of users may be broadcast to third parties. If you think this is not enough, garage doors connected to the Internet, various switches, door locks and even the latest firmware of popular home automation centers are considered misconfigured and extremely fragile, even vulnerable to some very primary network attacks. Also worrying is that someone hacked into your TV system and sneaked away some important files on your USB device. Worse still, networked cameras are as easily controlled by hackers as other devices. Although the audio/video baby monitor does not seem to be a big deal, the Internet is an open environment, and it is likely that someone will use these flawed devices to do strange things. Of course, smart home is the future trend, which is very attractive to consumers, but so far we have only seen misuse and abuse caused by ignoring privacy issues. The more we add smart devices to our homes, the more we are likely to see the accumulation of technology used to monitor, record and analyze ourselves and our family members. In fact, there is currently an ear-to-ear voice signal analysis technology for cross-device and operating systems, no matter what kind of smart phone, smart TV or notebook computer you use, marketers can track you accordingly. If you search for 'new leather sofa' on your laptop, then find the route to the store on your mobile phone, and finally buy it and arrange it in the living room, then in the next few days you will see a flood of leather-eligible merchandise advertisements on laptops, mobile phones and smart TVs. The more smart devices you have at home, the more accurate the tracking will be, and the more marketers will be able to generate an extremely accurate customized personal profile, no matter what device or operating system you use. In essence, the more intelligent technologies we use, the more likely we are to abuse intelligent technologies and be violated the most basic privacy needs.
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