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Unlock smart life Dahua le orange smart cloud lock K4S

by:FUYU     2019-12-20
Always forget to bring the key, lose the key, and turn over and over to find the key; Always meet parents, children, friends can not enter the house, they are worried outside; Always worry about whether the house is locked or not, whether the home is safe. . . . . . These heart locks brought by traditional door locks' Things, in fact, the solution is very simple: use Dahua le orange intelligent cloud lock K4S! Dahua shares independently developed and integrated anti-peeping passwords, biological fingerprints, mobile phone unlocking, visitor services and other functions. The high security advantages are incomparable, in line with our pursuit of fashion, personality and convenient living needs and habits, in addition to being suitable for home use, it can also be applied to government office buildings, office buildings, apartment buildings and other scenes. A good lock, more easy to use, to see the magic of this smart cloud lock: ingenuity to open the Super B- class lock cylinder, 2. 5mm thick zinc alloy shell, stainless steel lock body, core parts precision casting processing, safe and firm; Support Mifare card, anti-peeping password, biological fingerprint, temporary key sharing four identification modes, no longer have to worry about forgetting the key; Door lock dynamic, intelligent push doorbell call, alarm information, door opening information and other intelligent push, recognize people and distinguish things, let the owner know at the first time; Alarm linkage, safety double insurance with its own G1 Gateway can link the camera and alarm detector to realize remote real-time viewing and on-site sound and light alarm, and protect family safety at all times; Le orange cloud, enjoy the cloud service cloud lock network, support home linkage, remote alarm, APP management and other functions, allowing users to enjoy the cloud; APP management, convenient and fast le Orange APP to achieve user information editing, User card, password, fingerprint management; The door lock information of the whole family is managed in the palm of your hand; Emergency power supply, the door lock is worry-free with 5V Micro USB interface, the portable charging treasure can be used as an emergency power supply, no longer worry about the door lock without power. It's time for the home, change a good lock to the Le orange K4S series smart cloud lock, for the quality of home!
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