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by:FUYU lock     2020-02-27
Soot and grease often enter our lock. However, the two enemies of lock are paint and grease. The reason why paint can enter the lock is usually that those painters are too careless. They do not cover the lock body and wheel hole with things first, but directly brush paint on the lock. As for the oil entering the lock body, most of them are people who have only a little knowledge of it. They think that all the parts of metal that can move can be refueled for lubrication. However, the lock's mechanism is a kind of thing that needs to be cleaned and has no other objects attached, so it is easy to use. If you think they need lubrication, only a small amount of graphite can be used. If the locks are really dirty and need to be cleaned, only immerse them in gasoline or petroleum essence to dissolve the paint and oil stains in the locks. After soaking, take it out and let it dry completely in the shade, then spray a very fine and strong graphite into the self-locking hole. Corrosion and rust are also removed by the same method. However, for rust scale, many locksmiths find that if a good quality penetrating oil is used, it is more effective than gasoline or petroleum essence. However, after the penetrating oil is used to remove rust, it is still necessary to drip gasoline to remove the generated dirt, because the penetrating oil has corrosive effect on metal. Haikou lock company is committed to installation, one year replacement three months maintenance,
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