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What are the categories mute door lock?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-12
There are three types of mute door lock, they are oblique tongue mute door lock, nylon roller type magnetic suction mute mute tongue locks and door lock. Opening and closing not only feel is very good, but also have the effect of the mute noise reduction. So you know what are the categories mute door lock? 1. Roller type inclined tongue mute door on the latch with one or two small like bearing roller, roller rotation characteristics is used to reduce the tongue on the inclined tongue and door when closed box box of the clash of metal frame, so as to achieve mute effect. But this kind of roller type inclined tongue except tall to the requirement of wheel steel is fixed roller on the inclined tongue plays a role in the quality of the shaft and higher technical requirements. 2. Magnetic suction mute locks the mute door lock not only using the nylon material on the surface of the tongue of outsourcing, and perfect the principle of magnetic lock tongue can automatically back to the physical collision so as to solve the mechanical lock and produce large acoustic noise problem, let the unlock sound becomes smaller. 3. Plastic latch mute door lock adopts spherical design, embedded on the inclined tongue high strength nylon or ABS material ( A chemical science and technology of plastic) , greatly reduce collisions with gusset plate of metal surface, effectively reduce the lock tongue when opening and closing contractions in noise and crash, is the upgrade version of roller type inclined tongue mute door lock, has been accepted by the public. All of us in choosing a mute door lock, mainly on the three categories above, all of us which can be selected, basically see personal needs to choose.
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