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What are the elements a good interior door lock

by:FUYU lock     2020-09-04
Indoor door lock in domestic has existed for millennia, can be found from the history, locks can well protect the valuables, but development to the present, locks in addition to security, and endowed with new functions - - Decoration. Under the interior door lock factory staff about the detailed introduction of the door.     Element 1: privacy & emsp;   Door lock is the bridge of the interior and external isolation, so, the door will need to have good properties, such as: hardness, wear resistance, etc. Some inferior door locks have used for a period of time can be found, lock body surface rust, or lock core is not flexible, appear this kind of circumstance is brought about because of lock material is bad, suggest adopted 304 stainless steel material door lock, the metal material performance is good, suitable for the lock.     Element 2: decorative & emsp;   Also mentioned above, the door now have very strong adornment effect, lock body after plating, polishing, wire drawing processing can be formed on the surface of the grain and pattern, in order to better adapt to the development, now the door has also been made into a variety of styles, such as: contemporary and contracted, Jane European, American and Chinese style, etc. , can and home decorate a style to match very well.     Factor 3: material & emsp;   Now more mainstream locks material has: stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum, pure copper space; Pure copper door lock cost is higher, is not suitable for ordinary families; Stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum space cost-effective, accepted by many people. In general, the service life of these locks are in more than 10 years, was deeply loved by everyone.     Four elements: national standard & emsp;   Now countries for door lock (is the standard GB 21556 - 2008). , this standard is made by the original QB standard upgrade, all the data to be more clear, safety performance is higher, the same production costs also increased, for many small door lock enterprise, in order to save costs, or use the original standard QB. This need to be pay attention to when the choose and buy.     Through the above introduction, we can find that choose indoor door four core elements, can better help us to buy door lock.     Fu yu hardware's official website: http://www. zide360. com    Door lock information recommendation: indoor door lock daily maintenance skills indoor door lock what kind what are the types of interior door lock
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