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What are the factors affect the service life of hand lock - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-02-24
In People's Daily life, a hand lock played an important role which cannot be ignored, in addition to the indoor security, but also a handicraft in the adornment that occupy the home. And other metal products, hand lock also has the certain service life, will inevitably be used long all sorts of problems, common are: paint, rub off, put his hand press does not rebound, lock turn insensitive, and so on. So what are the factors affect the service life of hand lock? The rich yu hardware small surface will make a detailed introduction for you.     Although hand lock is the humble little thing, but the change of time will be very trouble, need to have certain knowledge reserves. Want to prolong the service life of a hand lock, daily life necessary maintenance is necessary.     A hand lock when it is exposed to the air for a long time, will be gradually eroded, dust or water vapor in the air time is long, surface prone to rub off phenomenon. In addition, in life, every opening and closing of the access to the lock handle, perspiration and other dirt on the palm, also can cause damage to hold hand lock, accumulate over a long period, the failure occurs. So, want to prolong the service life of hand lock. Small make up recommend, first of all, on a regular basis with a clean cloth to wipe the door surface, to remove surface dust or other items. Secondly, in the process of open close the door, to light a light, in order to avoid hard abundance, cut the lock body, affect beautiful.     Conclusion: & emsp;   What are the factors affect the service life of hand lock, through the above have made clearly introduced, mainly include dirt, moisture, and some human factors. A hand lock is indoor security key products, reasonable maintenance is necessary. If a failure occurs, it is suggested that replacement of new products in a timely manner.
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