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What are the problems faced by intelligent door locks?

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-29
[Abstract] Lock is one of the best inventions of mankind. Only with it can we have privacy. However, it does not seem to have changed much for thousands of years until the intelligent door lock brought by Internet of Things technology'. In short, the smart door lock is a physical key-free system that realizes authentication through wireless technologies such as Bluetooth. The user's mobile phone is the key, as long as it is close to or away from the door at a certain distance, automatic locking can be realized; At the same time, you can also authorize the mobile phones of your family and friends, instead of hiding the spare key in the floor mat or flowerpot outside the door. Of course, when a new product appears, it always needs to face some doubts, especially the door lock, a traditional but accustomed necessities of life. So, what is the main problem facing the intelligent door lock? Security: There are some hidden dangers, but don't worry too much. We have seen them on the news. Even a luxury car with a wireless door lock may be cracked by hackers. To some extent, smart door locks also face this problem, such as ulterior motives use special equipment to capture wireless signals when you go out or enter the door, and then crack them. But obviously, even if it is not a smart door lock, thieves may easily pry open your door through tools. Therefore, we don't have to worry too much about the safety of smart door locks, after all, most ordinary people won't get the favor of hackers' Unless there is a serious universal loophole in an intelligent door lock, this situation has not yet occurred. The more critical problem: the more critical problem of unstable intelligent door lock may be its various unstable hidden dangers. For example, once the smart door lock fails, how to open the door? ( Although some styles provide traditional keys as a backup solution) In addition, the door lock is obviously a device with a long life, and people do not need to replace it frequently, but the smart door lock needs to be connected to a mobile phone, but when the mobile phone system is upgraded once a year, you cannot fully guarantee the backward compatibility of the door lock. Of course, you may also encounter some unexpected situations in use, after all, it is not just a simple mechanical structure device. Obviously, although there are more and more smart door locks, they are still not popular smart home devices, and consumers still have reservations about them. However, with the gradual maturity and stability of technology, I believe that one day we will no longer need traditional keys.
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