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What are the typical features of different material of hand lock

by:FUYU lock     2021-01-25
Now on the market of common hand lock production materials are: stainless steel, pure copper, aluminum, zinc alloy, space log, etc. , in order to meet the needs of people and adapt to the change of the market, more and more kinds of hand lock, the style is also colorful, lock technology is becoming more and more mature, domestic hand lock there are two main place of origin: wenzhou, zhejiang and guangdong. Most of hand lock are made from these two places, entered innumberable families. Indoor door lock manufacturers today is to different material and you talk about what are the properties of hand lock.     What hand lock performance of different materials: & emsp;   Stainless steel hand lock: & emsp;   Stainless steel door lock metal performance is superior, the surface of wire drawing processing, not easily scratched, stainless steel door lock with the material is 304 stainless steel, has a strong corrosion resistance and wear resistance ability. A strong safety performance and stainless steel door lock, outsiders are difficult to destroy the lock body, is a good way to ensure the safety of home. Faults is also evident, stainless steel hardness is larger, relative design is relatively drab, can not adapt to the be fond of a lot of people, need to undertake choosing according to own actual situation.     Space aluminum hand lock: & emsp;   Space aluminum is after high temperature treatment of magnesium, aluminum alloy, have high resistance to high temperature and hardness, and the quality is light, the space aluminum material with good quality one of aerospace equipment, as the material of the door, one of the space aluminum door locks because of high cost performance, not easy to rust and clean color, more environmental protection by many young people like, space aluminum door locks and a lot of decorate a style is tie-in, such as modern style, the pastoral style and so on.     Zinc alloy of hand lock: & emsp;   Zinc alloy lock can one-time finalize the design, the manufacturing cost is low, and the extra material can be recycled, more environmental protection, zinc alloy material is very suitable for electroplating, the effect after the surface is smooth, not bubble, pitting, etc.     Pure copper hand lock: & emsp;   Pure copper hand belongs to high-grade locks, lock is often used for villa large door lock, or mansion door lock, the lock production cost is higher, pure copper can be recycled, and the surface of pure copper door lock can make all kinds of decorative pattern, are loved by many people. Different material has the advantages of different hand lock, everyone need to choose just according to their own actual situation, choose the most appropriate own, more indoor door lock information, please visit: http://www. zide360. com/
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