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What are the weaknesses of locks that will be destroyed?

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-24
1. The roll iron door is easy to damage the lock cylinder. 2. Ordinary padlocks are easy to be knocked off and cut off. 3. The horn lock is easy to be damaged. Turn it away. 4 auxiliary lock (the kind of conical convex door) - easy to be broken by prying. 5. The switch box lock of the electric rolling door installed outside is easy to be pried. The three-phase lock is easily opened by violence. (the locksmith should fix the fixed piece of the lock cylinder) 7 the lock cylinder is generally composed of copper pieces, which are easy to be damaged in use. The lock of the locomotive was wrenched open violently. 9. The tyre lock of the defective locomotive is easy to be cut off. Drawer locks are easy to break - don't put valuables in them. The general aluminum door lock is easy to break because of its fragile core structure.
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