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What do mute mute lock?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-12
Magnetic suction mute lock, lock tongue is not exposed. More quiet, more secure, not all of the wooden door are mute lock, but not mute can also upgrade to mute the lock of the door. I feel mute lock, affordable. So you know how to do it mute lock is mute? 1, use the mute lock. Believes that many people would be unlocked while sleeping wake up, by the sound of the TATA brand production mute door specially to replace the mute door to bring a more quiet environment. 2, door leaf thickening. TATA from traditional wooden door door leaf of 4 cm thick, upgraded to 4. 5 cm thick, it won't destroy the overall home design aesthetic feeling, but it can effectively reduce sound transmission, and has certain heat preservation effect. Article 3, magnetic absorption by the door. The TATA brand research and development and the original won the national patent technology of 45 degrees oblique mouth, in addition the door into the new soft magnetic suction to decorate design, minimize the TATA wood door can sound insulation 38 db. Mute lock to mute the reason mainly is to share these reasons above, now you've all learned to mute the lock.
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