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What is a good brand high-grade door - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-02-06
A lot of people to the brand products is a big misunderstanding, should think your product is a good brand, low price is not a brand product. And we choose high-grade room door lock is the same reason, we choose our brand products, will be asked about the price, we all want to know is a brand product is not very expensive? Can white injustice? What is a good brand of high-grade lock? We can from the following several aspects to understand.     All the products are branded, high-grade room door lock is also a reason, but the brand has the branch of the mass and niche, high-end lock brands can't consider price, must set out from the use of materials. Assembly line design, more joint skin. Adopted the composite corrosion resistant materials, increase the lock use cycle, the average service life up to 10 years, open 100000 times normal use.     High-grade door what brand is good, choose the brand or starting from the fundamental, is durable, and home decorate a style is tie-in, etc. Fu yu hardware every a high-grade door after hundreds of strict testing procedures, from raw material procurement to late after-sales service has a professional staff responsible for. The wholesale price, benefit the customer.
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