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What is made of waterproof magnetic lock?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-17
Magnetic lock is using the principle of electric raw magnetic, when an electric current passes through the silicon steel sheet, tightly absorb electromagnetic lock will produce a powerful suction adsorption iron plate to achieve the effect of locking the door when you leave. Waterproof magnetic locks are based on magnetic locks together on the basis of stainless steel shell so as to play a role of the waterproof, this innovative idea good animating the whole lock industry technology upgrade, waterproof locks to be used outdoors. Under the water use waterproof magnetic locks lock must have very good waterproof properties, can use a very long time, because of its good waterproof performance, product has been used in the outdoor will not rust, anti-theft performance were so. Waterproof magnetic locks are mainly based on the above method to make out, for many industry still need the water proofing property of magnetic locks, can effectively protect the magnetic locks.
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