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What is the price of the door Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-03-10
What is the price of the door, the door when the price is in commonly 20 yuan to 100 yuan between, among them will be affected by raw materials, specifications lock body, lock core materials, production process, with the channel factors mutual influence. With the development of the Internet, have brought great changes to the lock industry, the price is very transparent, is the market price, or it will be eliminated. But you need to take care of that is in addition to market factors, taking goods channel also has a great influence, such as: take from manufacturers of goods, wholesale prices can go, from the online store is the retail price, the price of this intermediate will have a very big difference.     What is the price of the door, wooden door factory take goods, need and lock factory long-term cooperation, small make up recommend looking for brand manufacturers to buy lock directly, because the brand manufacturer lock offer national unity, not false, false, and the door is qualified, before leaving the factory, has a special testing process, make sure no problem, conform to the standard will be sold to the market. This client is not to doubt the price, because the price is the same, the quality also meets the requirements.     What is the price of the door, take the rich yu hardware, the production of the door when prices are between 20 and 100, USES a quote online, tell customer service, the need to model can direct access to the price, is very clear, not a matter of debate. Contact us also is very simple, dial telephone below, or you can leave a message to customer service.
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