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What kind of material - indoor door lock Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-02-13
Life common indoor door lock from production materials have stainless steel, zinc alloy, pure copper and aluminum alloy material, each of the material in the face of customer groups and using the environment is different, indoor door lock which kinds of material, different materials have different characteristics, some good-looking appearance, durable, some expensive, some cheap. Fu yu hardware below small make up the four kinds of materials respectively has the characteristic which gave us a detailed introduction, find out the characteristics would choose worry a lot.     Indoor door lock which material is good: & emsp;   A: zinc alloy indoor door lock & emsp;   Zinc alloy has a good malleability, easy to electroplating, made of this material interior door lock design is rich, beautiful generous, the market retail price between 50 to 100, mainly in the high-end market, it is also one of the material of the mainstream in the market now.     2. Stainless steel interior door lock & emsp;   Typical features: stainless steel interior door lock durable, high hardness, long service life and shortcoming in design is relatively single, personalized slightly insufficient. Are often installed in or kitchen space between wei yu, is not easy to rust. In 50 yuan, the market price is popular consumer favorite.     Three: pure copper indoor door lock & emsp;   Compared to pure copper and three kinds of material, belongs to the rare resources, made of pure copper interior door overall cost on the high side, is in commonly 200 yuan of above, the advantage is that: modelling is rich, will not rust, not easy to malfunction, the service life of more than 10 years.     Four: aluminum alloy indoor door lock & emsp;   Aluminum alloy indoor door lock is replaced by zinc alloy, the reason is that made of these two kinds of material interior door lock on the price difference is not big, but more zinc alloy design, and easy to electroplating, great weight; And aluminium alloy can't electroplating, design is simple, the quality is lighter. Two kinds of a comparison, everyone choose zinc alloy material.     What kind of material is about more than the house door lock good related are introduced, small make up remind everybody, if it is common to use in the home, advised to choose a zinc alloy or stainless steel is enough; If it is a high-grade club house or villa and other occasions, the installation of pure copper indoor door lock more show class.
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