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What should I do if I forget the safe code?

by:FUYU     2020-03-07
Nowadays, safe is more and more popular. Almost every family has a safe. Did you forget your password when you used the safe? Here's how to easily solve the security code that you forget to do. 1. Opening mode of electronic safe: open the door with master key and emergency key. There is a reset key in it. Press: 1. Enter the new password and press the ?; key; 2. Restore the factory password. Enter the factory password * new password in sequence. If it cannot be opened, the emergency opening method can be used: when the electronic password system fails, the top of the plug of the emergency power box can be located in the hole directly below the panel. The emergency lock cover plate in the panel can be opened, the emergency lock key can be inserted, the electronic lock can be opened by turning the emergency lock anticlockwise, and then the door lock can be opened normally. Use the reset button in the box to reset or change the password directly. What if the mechanical safe can't be opened? Unlike electronic safes, mechanical safes can reset passwords. They can only call the safety factory to check the original records. What if the mechanical safe forgot the password? 1 first of all, you can use the emergency key, because each safe will have an emergency key. The company prompts that if you forget the password, you can use the main key to open the safe. 2 contact the safe seller or the technical department of the direct production enterprise for help. Some safes can reset the new password with the original password. 3. Ask for help from the regular Harbin lock changing and unlocking company (it must be recorded by the police). If none of the above can open the safe, it can only destroy the safe and unlock it.
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