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Where is the wholesale indoor door lock - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-11-27
Hefei a Mr Jiang had a new project, need a batch of indoor door lock, but because didn't buy before, I don't know where I can wholesale indoor door lock, and need to pay attention to what matters, these are not very clear. Found a big circle on the net, found a rich yu hardware, as indoor door lock manufacturers, professional wholesale indoor door lock, a pick hundreds, thousands, engineering orders, just right, and have 21 production lines, monthly production of 600000 indoor door lock, supply ability strong, construction schedule with full protection.     Where a lot of friends is looking for a wholesale indoor door lock, found many are middlemen, spending more cost, this kind of phenomenon is very common, but find indoor door lock manufacturers, you can get the wholesale price, reduce the unnecessary loss. Fu yu hardware all indoor door locks are direct manufacturers, each order, every detail is sign the contract, including the use of materials, accessories, quantity, etc. Pay some deposit first, wait for after confirmation of the goods, then pay the balance payment, fully safeguard the rights and interests of clients.     Where wholesale indoor door lock, rich yu hardware is a 17 years of r&d and production of indoor door lock enterprise, support national distribution services, has a professional technical team, for a long time for the wooden door factory, wood shop, do lock project supporting services. If you need wholesale indoor door lock as long as the telephone contact us, namely arrange full-time personnel to introduce indoor door lock design, price, used material and so on related details.
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