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Which brand of fingerprint lock should I choose?

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-30
Speaking of fingerprint locks, which brand should you choose? With the advancement of technology and the development of smart homes, many homes have abandoned traditional door locks and replaced them with fingerprint locks. The smart lock can be said to be one of the hottest products in the field of smart homes in the past two years. Door locks are related to personal and property safety. The editor recommends that everyone should do their homework on fingerprint locks when buying. This is very important, because the current domestic fingerprint lock rate is only 3%, which means that there are still 9%. About 17 users are still using traditional mechanical locks, and some new communities and new home decorations will use smart locks. Many companies see the profits here have joined in. In order to quickly occupy a place in the smart lock industry, many Companies find some small processing plants to make smart locks. It is conceivable that the quality and safety of their smart locks need to be considered. So when buying a smart lock, the previous homework has played a big role. If you insist on recommending a brand, Fuyu, a 36-year old brand dedicated to the lock industry, will be a very good choice. Let’s take a look at some of their smart locks! Item 1: Fuyu Tianyan Smart Door Lock ZXWM00206 is available in two colors. This cost-effective model is more cost-effective. In addition to fingerprint recognition, it can also be unlocked by IC card. It comes with anti-peeping virtual password technology, temporary password setting, original four sections The battery does not need an external power source, the C-level lock core key is opened, etc., the price is 1799-1999 yuan, and the nationwide door-to-door installation door-to-door after-sales service. The lock body is made of zinc alloy integrated die-casting. The second paragraph: Fuyu six-eye Tianshun smart cloud lock HM01 Fuyu is positioned as a high-end one, and the price is much more expensive than the first one. The price range is 2399-2599 yuan. Functions: bracelet (access control card), password, fingerprint, key, opening function, automatic lock, anti-pry alarm, stay capture, open door photo upload, anti-duress unlock alarm and other functions.
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